Mitigation tactic - disk fuel break

There are tools we easily associate with wildland fire fighting; shovels, Pulaski tools, chainsaws; but a disc plow? Prevention and Mitigation Specialists in Winnemucca spent the spring building fire breaks along highways with this unlikely tool.


Fuels/sage grouse Habitat treatment - Vegas valley type 2 IA hand Crew

We visited the Vegas Valley Hand Crew on the South Steptoe Watershed to see firsthand how their fuels/sage grouse habitat work was going.


Sadler Fire - 20 years later

We toured dirt roads south of Elko to check out the fire scar of the Sadler Fire, examining the effectiveness of fuel treatments 20 years after the fire.


Mitigation Tactic - fuel thinning with rotary cutteR

This winter, heavy equipment operators in Battle Mountain used these mighty machines to thin fuels on public lands.


battle mountain tanker base - Air Tankers

After the first operational period of the #BuffaloFire we visited the Battle Mountain Tanker Base to see the Large Air Tankers (LATs) that had dropped fire retardant on the fire.

Rescue August 13_2019_02.jpg

Fire crews assist in mountain rescue