Be More Fire Safe

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Nationwide 84% of wildfires are caused by people.

You can help to prevent wildfires by learning how to:

  1. Use outdoor equipment safely

  2. Properly maintain your vehicle and tow safely
  3. Target shoot responsibly
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Equipment Safety

Lawn mowers, weedeaters, chain saws, grinders, welders, tractors, and trimmers can all spark a wildland fire. Do your part, the right way, to keep your community fire safe.

  • Mow before 10 a.m., but never when it’s windy or excessively dry. 
  • Keep the exhaust system, spark arresters and mower in proper working order and free of carbon buildup.
  • Use the recommended grade of fuel and don’t top it off.
  • Don’t drive your vehicle onto dry grass or brush.

Video: Off Highway Vehicle Safety

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Vehicle & Towing Safety

Motorists are responsible for many of the wildfires sparked along the raodways. Nearly all of these fires could be prevented by following these safety rules. 

  • Secure safety chains on all towing equipment.
  • Use appropriate safety pins and hitchball to secure chains.
  • Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained:
    • Proper tire pressure can prevent a blowout, exposed wheel rims will throw sparks.
    • Properly maintain breaks, breaks work too think can cause metal to metal contact which can cause sparks.  
  • Avoid parking or driving in dry grass and brush. Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can start a fire. 

Video: Trailer Safety


Target Shooting Safety

Careless shooting can cause fires. If it's dry, hot and windy; save your ammo.

  • Avoid shooting into rocks or metal objects and place targets in areas that are free of vegetation. 
  • Always have water, a shovel and a fire extinguisher ready in case a fire starts. 
  • Clean up all your targets and shells when you're finished shooting and pack them out. 
  • Exploding targets, incendiary rounds and tracer ammunition are illegal on all public lands

Video: Target Shooting Safety